Ghetto Stars – Single release and Video

Wednesday November 24, 2010

Ghetto Stars – 29th November 2010

Tricky is to release Ghetto Stars as the second single taken from his critically acclaimed ninth album, Mixed Race.

Ghetto Stars is a dark, tense and heavy track about the reality of the gangster lifestyle, too often glamourised in music.

Tricky tells it like it is, “Ghetto Stars don’t go far, ghetto traps locked behind bars” and “…riding in Zephyrs while my Nan plays the bingo.” The track features vocals from Tricky’s latest muse, Franky Riley, who toured as Tricky’s live vocalist and co-writes here for the first time.

Art Rocker 4* out of 5: “Slow motion hip hop beats, cinematic violins and Franky Riley’s solemn femininity all work together”.


NME: “This is so smooth and syrupy”