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4th & Broadway, Island Records


01. Vent
02. Christiansands
03. Tricky Kid
04. Bad Dreams
05. Makes Me Wanna Die
06. Ghetto Youth
07. Sex Drive
08. Bad Things
09. Lyrics Of Fury
10. My Evil Is Strong
11. Piano[/one_half] [one_half_last]The Guardian
“PMT is another astonishing record”

The Face
“Everything in his universe appears shrouded in ambivalence, in a way that it surely would be for most of us if we were braver and more honest. This is what makes Tricky’s music so fascinating. He is a lightning rod for our own fear, insecurity, ecstasy, guilt.”

“A collage of gasping beats and forlorn chords, speaks beyond words. He may be stressed, but he’s working every frayed nerve.”[/one_half_last]